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1. Rosso restaurant - this restaurant is not really cheap but not really expensive - its nice and the stuff we had were good (we ate there twice) we saw this in kajani, rovaniemi and tampere and i guesse u can find it in other cities as well

2. Hesburger - this thing is like mcdonalds but for soem reason the mcdonalds in finland is abit starnge (2 salty i think) and this is the answer - cheaper than mcdonalds , and i think it is better than mc as well

3. Golden rax pizza buffet - this is a cheap place (7.99 EU) to eat when u travelling - the food is mainly pizza (like 4 types of it) potatoes, nachos and thats about it if u want ice cream its 1 more EU the food isnt the best but it keeps u from starving while travelling

4. Tampere - u must visit the lutheran church over there - it is unreal - all kind of strange paintings - like a bunch of skaltons with their cactus plants - very strange.

5. Helsinki - TUOMIOKIRKKO (THE LUTHERAN CATHEDRAL) - with this big church and all of the stairs infront of it - just perfect to relax after a long walk in the city
Unioninkatu 29
Go on Aleksanderinkatu to the senate square direction. 10 min. walking.
+358 - 9 - 709 2455

6. Helsinki - TEMPPELIAUKIO (ROCK) CHURCH - this place is really the best - i think its the place i enjoyed the most in Helsinki its a church built inside a giant granite rock - u can easily miss it its just a big rock with green top and the entrance is small - but once u r inside its amazing - i arrived in the middle of a service (easter) and it was great
Lutherinkatu 3

Sent by Or Darom, Israel