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Istanbul -Tips

1. ANADOLU KAVAGI - this is the last stop of the boat ride from the city u should climb all the way to the top - the view there is great (its not an easy walk but it wont kill u as well) u see all around u the water and the black sea - beautifull

2. BLUE MOSQUE (SULTANAHMET ) - this mosque is really beautifull , there are alot of visitors all the time so u just have to walk till u get a spot and watch all the stuff on the cieling and the walls -amazing u have to take of your shoes and carry them in a plastic bag till u get outside

3. BOSPHORUS RIVER - on the 3rd day we went to the waterline - there are alot of people trying to convince u to buy tickets to their ride but its very expensive - just go to platform 3 and buy the ticket there - 6.5 mill round trip
it leaves at 10:35 or 13:00 and get back at 15:00 or 17:00 we stoped at the last stope - anadolu kavagi
on the way back u can slo stop at dolombache palace

4. BYZANTINE HIPPODROME - really nice. its right outside the blue mosque - so u cant really miss it - its like a huge yard with all kind of polls and stuff - really nice

5. EGYPTIAN (SPICE) MARKET - this market is prety small but its really nice alot of spices in all colors, tea for just about anything u can think of and alot of swets and stuff like that

6. GALATA TOWER - if u croos the bridge from the side of the blue mosque u can see the tower just there - so walk to it and then buy a ticket (5 miil) and go up to watch all the erea around u - ull see the other sdie and all the mosques and ull see the bosphorus river and its beautifull

7. GRAND BAZAAR - this place is the best spot in istanbul i think - its a huge market (inside market so even if its rain u can go there) they sell just about everything there - there are like 4000 shops and u can get clothes, bags, carpets, jewelris and so on - its great - we loved it there there are few entrance so just know which one u have to take outside and there are sign with arrows on them every place - if u r going to the blue mosque after so u need to take the exit start with N - i dont remember the name but its the only one starting with N

8. TOPKAPI PALACE - its a great place and there are some really nice stuff inside - u can see rooms and yards and gardens as well as clothes and weapons
u need to buy the tickets for each thing - the palace itself is 12 mill and the herm is another 10 and the treasury also 10 - we only bought the palace ticket and i spent there few hourse so i think that was enough for us
open 9-16 (they say on the guide 17:00 but when we got there at 16:00 it was closed so ...dont take any chances)

9. the begal on the street - its just soooo good it costs almost nothing and its hot and great - we just loved it there - really worth it

10. Warnings : taxi drivers
just noticed exactly what bill u give him (the 1 and 10 mill look alike) try to give them small bills also if there is a problem just say "ill call the police" - that usually does the job.
know the place u r going to (so they wont cruise around all over town and also dont let them get u off the cab far from the place u r going to
ask for an aproximatly price b4 u get in the cab (and first try to find out what is the normal price)

11. Restaurant - marko pasa - we went to this place after a long walk on istaklal street (we got to taksim square and turn back) its on one of the little street going out of istaklal this place has 3 floors and each one is relly small and has a big fire place with a guy - ur food get there and this guy gives it the final heat - :-) i had the roasted chicken which u get on a hot plate with vegtables and rice and it was sooo good
opens till midnight
Address: istaklal cad. sadri alisik sok no. 8 beyoglu
Phone: 0212-2528080

12. food at anadulo kavagi - if u dont really like fish (like me) and all u see when u get there are fish restaurants then just go more into the place where u can see houses and stuff (leave the waterline) and ull see some great cheapest places of kabab and stuff like that - they r really good and the cheapest we had there

Sent by Or Darom, Israel